Monday, 28 June 2010

A top and a skirt

This weekend the weather was too warm and felt to wear just a casual top and a wonderful light skirt. I think sometimes you  want to choose those clothes in which you feel yourself like a princess however it's to easygoing or not. It has to be to be easygoing. And a top and a skirt is that outfit in which I feel like a princess in summer :-) But still you don't have to forget to "harmonize" those pieces together. Here are some examples. (Labels: h&m/ Zara/ Warehouse)


  1. i am in love with all your choices! i am such a floral pattern fan...

  2. I love the first skirt, and the last outfit is so adorable! I would definitely wear any of these. Great choices!

  3. Love! The first ones are great. All very nice :-*

  4. the skirts are adorable, especially the first one ^^