Thursday, 24 June 2010

Jeux d'enfants

The french actress Marion Cotillard is one of my contemporary favourites. In the movie "Jeux d'enfants" (Love me if you dare) she and her boyfriend in real (Guillaume Canet) embody a couple which exchanges a toy carrousel by betting permanently from their childhood on. Their game is attended by the love and hate between each other. I think the movie is a modern fairy tale with a gleaming end.


  1. Beautiful Photos, I LOVE! :-*

  2. yes! it's like going back to childhood, only now it's a sexy place. haha

    love your blog dear!

  3. your blog is so dreamy. it's art.

  4. ich liebe das erste foto.

    danke viel mal für deine lieben kommentare!

    oh ja als ich mit meiner ersten Vogue nach hause kam fühlte ich mich auch ein bisschen stolz. :)