Monday, 28 June 2010

Another Rykiel

You know, I love her designs... Today I've discovered this here accidentally: Carrie alias Sarah Jessica Parker  had worn this outfit specially designed by Sonia Rykiel for "Carrie's arrival in Paris" (SATC/ Season 6/ Episode 20). And I can't describe how beautiful it is. This striped "pull" with a grand rose as accent, ...the  sparkeling jacket and the hat, of course! I like that kind of "chique". IThis look is playful and elegant concurrently. I love, love, love it ;-) The only harm of this scene is that (for me) Carrie doesn't fit in with the role of a "femme rykiel".


  1. Sonja always make beautiful outfits!
    Lovely blog and I follow you now... I hope you will follow me, too?
    LOVE, minnja