Wednesday, 23 June 2010

It's time for lipsticks

I am conditioned to lipsticks! I like it when my lips are red; naturally my lips are red when it's cold and my face is freezing :-) but whenever I'm looking into a mirror I have to push them up with some color. At the moment I'm using Moisture Extreme Lipstick by Jade Maybelline because it makes your lips so soft and don't give an exagerated lipstick-look. That doesn't mean that I'm against it. I have to accentuate that I prefer lipsticks instead of lipgloss. The other one is to girlish and doesn't have a classical look. And: One day I will endow myself "coco rouge" by Chanel because it's one of the greatest classical lipsticks.

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  1. Love the First Picture. Very nice. :-* Sleep well!