Saturday, 19 June 2010

"inthemood color changing nail poolish"

Dear, I've discovered that nail poolish in the current German Vogue issue. It works like the well known mood-rings which change their colors according to your moods (but actually to your body's temperature). In some way I'm a fan of things like that.
If you want to you can check the website:
Oh, before forgetting to mention: do you know that movie "Aquamarine"? It's rather a typical teenage-movie, but its story is great. There you meet this mermaid, who also has nails which change their color. I think the "phenomena" became real...


  1. cool! I'm gonna check the website :)

    But I don't like the sculpture of Degas because the clothes are looking so old and neglected (That dress was beautiful in the beginning I think) and also don't like the combination of bronze and clothes. and the legs aren't elegant enough for me.
    I'm such a critical person :p