Saturday, 29 January 2011

Stormy weather,

...since my man and I ain't together 
Keeps raining all the time 
Keeps raining all of the time.

That`s not my mood! I thought the title of this song would be perfect and the melody is so pretty, I think:


  1. Wonderful!
    Aber gut, dass es nicht deiner Laune entspricht.
    Wünsche dir ein wunderschönes, nichtregnerisches Wochenende.

  2. Haha, danke:)
    Excuse me for the bad quality, it's my bad camera;)

  3. Haha it must be so funny to see your mother in 90's style!
    My mother was into the 70's (think hippie style)
    You don't wanna know how often I searched for pictures of that xD
    But I haven't found anything.

    What are you studying anyway? Since you speak about university.
    Next year I'm also going to university, I'm going to study art history :)

  4. Je vous souhaite bonne chance :)