Tuesday, 7 September 2010

Yes Saint Laurent and his smoking

Why is it called "smoking"? At society parties it wasn't advisable for men in the presence of women to smell of smoke; So it was normal for them to change some parts of their clothes after smoking in the smoking room. The suit they've worn while smoking was called smoking then. Later it became usual to call their suits it this way...

Saint Laurent createt a smoking for women. You have to imagine, for a several time women weren't allowed to smoke at parties or elsewhere... wearing trousers was also unsual... 

It was like a small scandal for a woman to have a special suit like this. Well they already wore tousers, but a smoking for a woman? I think he did well and she don't need to be a man who smokes:)

Here are some pictures of a small book with all essential of this designer:



  1. Ahh Yves Saint Laurent, what a genius! I love Catherine Deneuve, she's so beautiful! x

  2. Schöner Text und tolle Bilder!

  3. YSL has always been my favorite designer cause he always loved women and made them beautiful and independant !

    See U !

  4. Oh I didn't new that! interesting!
    and that last picture keeps fascinating me, the white part fits perfect on her, it's so strange!

  5. Wow, great post.
    i love learning about fashion foundations!

    Yeah, i mean ramadan :)
    tomorrow is the last day, and the foood will be delicious :D

    :D i think the hats of treacy are superficial for striking! But they are soo creative!

    Thanks for ur comment!
    Love reading them :D