Thursday, 26 August 2010

A Happy Sound

For the time being I'm listening to Katie Melua's last album "The House". It's such a good one, like the others before! Her sound is now diffrent but her poesie stays the same. She's a special current musician for me, because her lyrics regard me very much. I'm glad to feel with those songs.


  1. Wenn man sich eine Muskelzerrung zuzieht, weil man etwas heben muss, was mehr wiegt, als man selbst, hat das nichts mit Tollpatschigkeit zu tun - eher Arbeitsunfall. Und die Hüftverletzung kam von der ungleichmäßigen Belastung. Musste ja den verzerrten Oberschenkel ruhig halten, aber gleichzeitig weiterarbeiten.

  2. Ich musste in diesem Fall - der Kunde ist König ;).

  3. Mhmm i dnt know her.
    but i'llk check her out!

    Thankz for ur comment.
    and yes, ur right.
    she has a natural look, which is a contrast to those artificial and geometric clothes!


  4. I'll have to check it out! Thanks for the rec.

  5. I love Katie Melua.. she is fantastic! love her vocal character, music and everything of her! :)

  6. A family friend introduced me to her music! I heard her sing a Christmas song and her voice is absolutely fantastic! Will have to check out this album.