Tuesday, 27 July 2010

Tagged by Joe

I've been tagged, thanks to Joe :) I think you should also take a look on her Blog http://joeparthur.blogspot.com/, her photofraphy is worth seeing!

So here my answers to questions now:

1.) What's  a perfect styling for you?
Oh, it's always changing -i need to feel well in clothes. But at this moment i love black tights, colourful paterns and soft draperies; thereto a special jewelry piece as accent :)

2.) For what do you spent the most of your money?

3.) What's your favourite song at this moment now?
"The gost who walks" by Karen Elson
"Fools rush in" by Bow Wow Wow
and "Mon petit vieux" by Camille

4.) Which excellences do you think you have?
I think i have a great sense for aesthetics and colours, so i try to see and take all positive things live gives me :) And, yeah, i'm really curious for many subjects.

5.) And what are your failings?
I'm very impatient and i'm able to lose my motivation quickly :)

That's all for me and now i'm tagging with the same questions

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  1. perfect questions!
    i adore the song the ghost who walks!! it is hauntingly beautiful.
    hope you are having a beautiful day,

  2. Thanks for the tag and the comment ♥

    I'm going to fill them out tomorrow!

  3. lol, thanks for the tag, can't wait to fill out these questions! :)

  4. thanks for the tag! this should be fun!

  5. Merci de m'avoir taggée :))))

  6. Hey!
    Thankz for taggin me on ur great blog :D
    I will answer the questiones as soon as possible.
    lookin forward!

  7. "Mon petit vieux" by Camille!
    LOVE IT!

    we should follow each other! :D

    xx, christen